What is the difference between SEO and SEM?


SEO and SEM are both social media techniques to handle your web pages for better visibility on the internet. SEO and SEM help grow businesses online. Each of them has a different area of interest and aspect that needs to be followed for better results.

11 Keys Solution is a marketing company having a great impact in the digital world. We are developing strategies for building a successful business by using these techniques.

What is SEO?

SEO is recognized as search engine optimization. This technique is used by our SEO professionals to rank your website best on search engines. SEO can generate organic traffic for your website. With this technique, you can catch the attention of different audiences. In this technique, according to different algorithms for renowned search engines for ranking websites. After this, the search engine will start to rank better over it. Our professionals are certified by Google and Microsoft.

There are two different types of this technique:

On-page SEO

In this technique, the essentials of a website are improved by the SEO expert, so it may be ranked better and first on the internet. The major elements that help to rank better are as follows:

  •         Keywords selection
  •         Optimization of content
  •         Generation of meta tags
  •         URL optimization
  •         Internal linking
  •         Maintenance of site structure

Off-page SEO

In off-page SEO, this technique is beyond on-page SEO. This technique is probably used to build external links and enhance the popularity of webpages. This allows us to generate strategies for elements outside your website. This includes the following things that are needed to increase the external visibility:

  •         Citation making
  •         Building outer links to other reputable websites
  •         Using social media platforms to enhance popularity

Technical SEO

This type of SEO is done by programmers and developers, who are able to make the code more suitable to be ranked on the internet.

What is SEM?

It means search engine marketing and is also known as paid advertising, or PPC. In this case, the business owner has to pay for running ads on reputable websites. Regarding this, different platforms are used, like Google ads and Microsoft ads. This technique helps you build your popularity way faster. This will also increase the traffic to your webpage. Following are the things that we need to consider while doing this:

  1.     The use of better keyword research is important for advertisements to rank better.
  2.     Landing page optimization is done according to the algorithm of the desired search engine.
  3.     PPC management helps you find out how effective your ad is over the search engines.
  4.     Ads A/B Testing is done to know which part, either visual or written, needs to be changed.
  5.     Conversion rate optimization helps to find out the obstacles and find a better solution.
  6.     Google/Bing advertising is widely used because of its popularity.

What is the difference between SEO and SEM?

Both of the techniques are different from each other. The majority of differences are as follows:

Paid or non-paid

SEO is an unpaid service in which SEO professionals, by considering the algorithms of different search engines, make strategies for better ranking and traffic from audiences. While SEM uses another form of strategy, like PPC, in which different advertisement agencies are offered to run their ads on reputable webpages and platforms in their respective areas of interest,.

Time of engaging audience

Through SEO, it is a long procedure to gather an audience on their website because of the time taken by the search engine algorithm to rank. This is quite a lengthy process to have the user’s first choice. While SEM is a rapid process in which your desired advertisement is launched on various platforms, which will also be able to bring traffic. This process does not take as much time as SEO.

Sustainability of traffic

SEO is very sustainable due to its long-term effects. Whenever you get traffic through SEO, it will remain for a long time, while SEM is unable to create sustainability. It effects the customer so rapidly, but for a short span of time.

Targeting audience

The targeting audience is more affected by SEM because its effects vary rapidly and provide direct accessibility. While SEO is a time taken. The targeting audience is easily attracted to the thing with SEM, while SEO is unable to do it.


The ease of using both of them is different; SEO needs time and a hectic process to make a better presence in the online world. The SEO expert has to go through long procedures and techniques to improve the ranking. While in SEM, you have to pay companies like Google Ads and Microsoft Ads. These platforms will do all the work for you. They represent you on different platforms.


SEO is more extensive than SEM. In SEO, you have to hire an expert who helps you build techniques and plans to make your web pages rank on the first page. While in SEM, all the process was done by the online ad platform and digital marketing specialists, who tried their best to provide instant popularity over the internet.

Organic and inorganic services

SEO truly tends to provide you with organic traffic, which helps you grow for a longer time. While SEM just provides you with paid and inorganic services regarding digital marketing.

Facts and figures about SEO and SEM



9 out of 10 people have the first choice of searching over a search engine. About 90% of the ad market is occupied by Google ads.
The front page of any search engine has most of the traffic, up to 70% of the total. The ad market is primarily occupied by Bing in America, Baidu in China, Yandex in Russia, and Google in all the remaining countries.
About 1/3 of people do not scroll from the first page to the end. In a pandemic, it rises up to 200% around the globe.
Surveys said that organic traffic, due to SEO, has more back-to-back users. It is way faster to approach different types of traffic.
The estimated percentage of leads generated from the organic material is about 60% of the total. About 60 percent of people are using SEM on different search engines.



SEO and SEM are both techniques used by different digital marketing agencies to drive traffic to their platforms. So, you are able to generate more revenue. Both techniques have different pros and cons regarding their effects on the increase in audience size.


SEO is known as search engine optimization. This technique is used by different SEO experts to improve website ranking on different search engines. As discussed above, it is able to provide your web page with an organic audience for a very long time.

As we considered different search engines, they have algorithms for ranking the websites. Google has more than 200 aspects that need to be considered before creating website content. And this was done by an expert in SEO. As per facts, most of the traffic is considered to have come from the first page, so it is very important to improve ranking.


SEM is a full form of search engine marketing. It is also considered an ad service. For these services, you just have to pay a suitable ad platform. Which will take your add and post it for the desired area.

In this technique, ads are made by professionals and considered in different aspects to clarify the platform for posting them in the right place. This service will be able to gain popularity on different social media platforms. From this, you will be able to gain rapid popularity. Which will be for a short time, but if done by an expert, can be a turning point for your brand.

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